Support Lively, Engaging Evenings in Mozart Park this Summer

Stimulating the local economy with FREE outdoor activities- Join Us!

Hyde Jackson Square Main Street (HJSMS) would like to create a welcoming, vibrant, social Café en el Parque in Mozart Park prior to our Teatro en el Parque live theater shows in July as well as before each outdoor Movies in Mozart show in August and September.

The Café would get patrons relaxed and enthused for each performance by providing them with an eclectic mix of free, delicious food from around the world and entertainment (like live Latin jazz). Our neighborhood is home to many immigrant and low-income families, many who are not able to experience live music, theater and food from restaurants especially during warm summer evenings. Support Cafe en el Parque to bring the joy of food, music and art to our community.


For the past 5 summers Hyde Jackson Square Main Street has hosted Escena Latina Teatro, a local Spanish-language community theater troupe, in Mozart Park in July. Plays are performed in Spanish over 3 successive days, with a large video screen displaying English subtitles. On July 19th, 20th and 21th Escena Latina Teatro will perform Cumbía de Corazon by Tony Campion beginning at 7:15 pm with each show preceded by a Café en el Parque offering live music and delicious food from local ethnic restaurants. Additionally, we will have a merchant area for local business to market themselves to patrons via promotional items.  Prior to each Movies in Mozart film on Saturday, August 18 (Coco) and Saturday, September 8 (Padington2) we’ll set up a similar Café focused on families with young kids.


Hyde Jackson Square Main Street’s mission is to create a safe, visually vibrant and economically sound business district along Centre Street in Hyde and Jackson Squares. The palette for our work is Centre Street and our work to invigorate it is done through business development, streetscape design, positive messaging and community celebrations. We are 1 of 20 Main Streets organizations in Boston and 1,500 across the county that follow a model set up 40 years ago. Each year we sponsor a merchant Sidewalk Sale to promote commerce as well as workshops that help businesses with food permits and development of outdoor marketing strategies to effectively participate in this event. Through our Café en el Parque at the Teatro en el Parque and Movies in Mozart summer celebrations, we hope to facilitate positive interactions between patrons and neighborhood businesses leading to a stronger local economy and more vibrant neighborhood.

How YOU Can Help

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